“In Plutarch’s vision of things, the Fates, those young girls whose beautiful arms spin the thread of every life on earth, were “the daughters of Anangke,” Necessity. And Necessity, as Euripides reminds us, having met her, “as he wandered among Muse and mountaintop,” without ever “discovering anything more powerful,” is the only power that has neither altars nor statues. Anangke is the only divinity who pays no heed to sacrifices. Her daughters can only be fooled by drunkenness. And very rarely does drink get the better of them.”   –Roberto Calasso, The Marriage of Harmony and Carmus

Michael Solsky

Anangke Productions was founded by Michael Solsky in 2012, with the aim of exploring how different cultures find meaning in life.  His films focus on the stories and activities that establish identity, and give individuals and communities a firm grounding in their sense of place and relation to the world.

In addition, Michael has worked actively as an editor of documentaries and commercials.